It Takes A Village, Be A Part Of The Solution!

Community Connect is a one-day, one-stop event that offers individuals and families access to resources and services in a welcoming and fun environment. 

Join us to be a resource in our local community. If you have an organization that wants to be a part of a village to help the community members make life a little easier, please register as a vendor below. This is also an excellent opportunity to network and see what other resources and services are available to offer your clients.


Join us to connect to resources in our local community that can help you in various ways. Life can be difficult, but being part of a village can make it a little easier. Here's your chance to be a part of that village and connect to those who need your services.

The vendor fee is $50 which includes 1 table, 2 chairs and 2 lunches.

This year, we are well aware that the typical MEA weekend for ISD728 will again be an entire week long. We have chosen to change the day to Tuesday due to students still having conferences and sporting events. We have also adjusted our marketing approach to be able to get more of the community more advanced notice of our event.

We are offering vendors the opportunity for us, Sherburne County Area United Way, to provide essential items at your booth instead of having the marketplace. We are trying to make this event about getting the participants to talk to the vendors, but know it can be quite intimidating. This may be the first time they have needed resources so let's make it easy and painless for them. We feel this is a great way to get them to approach your booth, and for you to have a soft approach to getting them to your table. "Would you like a bottle of shampoo, and oh yeah, do you want to hear about what resources we have to offer?

This is optional and first come, first serve so the sooner you get your registration and payment in, the better the chances are of getting the items. I will send an email as soon as registration is open. You are still welcome to have other swag or giveaways at your table.

If you know of any organizations that would be willing to donate items or do a drive for them, please let us know because the more items we get, the more we can offer the vendors to distribute.

Step 1: Register Here

Step 2: Pay Here

The vendor fee is $50, which includes 1 table, two chairs, and two lunches. 

Looking For A Way To Get Involved In Community Connect?

We have opportunities to join us as a service provider connection or a financial contributor. Your financial contributions go to help cover the costs of essential items that are given out to help the families who are attending. Thank you for being a part of making our community a brighter place to live and grow. To be a resource in the community, fill out the form above. To contribute financially, click donate below! We appreciate your consideration.

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