2023 Sherburne County Area United Way Grant Application

Sherburne County Area United Way makes grants for projects and programs that advance our mission to drive lasting change in the Sherburne County Area by uniting changemakers to advocate for the common good of the community and to develop innovative solutions to local complex challenges that cannot be solved alone.

Grant Application Due: 10:00 pm, March 31, 2023
Site Visits: April 21, 2023 (morning – midday)

Funding Cycle: 6/2023 – 5/2025

Grant Report Due: 6/01/2025


For the upcoming funding cycle (June 2023-May 2025), the Sherburne County Area United Way is accepting applications from all 501(c)3 health and human service organizations that serve our zip code areas (Big Lake – 55309, Elk River/Otsego/Nowthen- 55330, Santiago – 55377, Princeton – 55371, and Zimmerman – 55398).

This is a competitive, open application process that funds operations/programs for two years. We believe that organizations should not be dependent on United Way grant funding but should have diverse avenues of revenue building to ensure sustainability. All programs requesting funding MUST be able to track data using a pre-approved list of indicators found in this application.

Pre-Qualification Checklist: To be considered for financial investment by Sherburne County Area United Way, organizations must meet all the requirements set forth in the pre-qualification checklist to be eligible for funding. Please review this checklist carefully to ensure that you are eligible:

Agencies NOT eligible for funding include:

  • Those who are primarily political in nature

  • Those providing services LIMITED to the members of a particular religion, rather than welcoming everyone

  • Basic educational program services considered the mandated responsibility of the public education system

  • Those seeking funding for over $10,000 for the 2 year grant duration.

 To be eligible as a SCAUW partner, an agency should be able to agree to the funding requirements below:

  • Has acceptable legal status as 1) a 501c3, 2) a government agency, or 3) has a qualified fiscal agent

  • Will complete the required application forms and submit on time

  • Will complete required reporting forms accurately and on time

  • Has a representative governing/advisory board and will provide a list of the board of directors to SCAUW

  • The agency can present evidence of sound management and community service for two consistent years

  • Can demonstrate an understanding of community needs in the SCAUW service area and the services currently being provided to avoid duplication of services

  • Conform to the requirements of any governmental body, which regulates activities in its field of service

  • Has a updated non-discrimination/diversity policy 

  • Can demonstrate a need for funding from SCAUW

  • Will include the most recent 990 form with this application (if applicable)

  • Will provide an operating budget (for the agency or program being applied for) approved by the agency’s board of directors

  • Will maintain a collaborative relationship with SCAUW (volunteering for SCAUW, providing in-kind services to SCAUW, including SCAUW in public relations opportunities, and participating in SCAUW campaigns)

  • Make use of the United Way logo on all written forms of communication, social media, websites, print advertising letterheads, and in all public functions whenever feasible. Our logo will be forwarded to you upon request.

Focus Area: Determine which focus area this application will most pertain to – it must fall in one of the following: Education, Financial Stability, or Health.

Please complete all questions and upload all required documentation. SCAUW reserves the right to deny any documents that do not meet basic quality levels or are unverifiable. All applications must be complete to be eligible for 2023-2025 funding. Any applications not submitted by 10:00 pm Central time on March 31st will not be eligible for consideration in the 2023-2025 funding cycle.

Due to an unexpected issue, the grant application form has been temporarily disabled (2:30pm 2/14/23). Please check back soon. We expect this to be fixed within 24 hours. 

Grant Application Preview:

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