Shiver FAQs and Rules


Do I need to raise money in order to jump?
It is not required, but it is encouraged!

What do I wear to jump?
Costumes are encouraged! Shoes of some sort are required. Most people jump in shorts and tee shirts, some also wear family friendly swimsuit. Be sure to bring a towel and a change of clothes!

Where does the money go?
United We Shiver is a unique event in that teams raise funds for their favorite nonprofit. You can designate your funds to go to any team participating in the event, as long as they are a 501c3 nonprofit. Participating nonprofits do not have to be in the SCAUW service area.

What does the registration fee go towards?
Registration fees for United We Shiver offset the cost of the event, such as insurance, tents, heaters, supplies, etc.


Where do I change?
There are heated tents for men and women for those participating in the plunge ONLY

Can I bring my child or friend into the changing tent?
Changing tents are for jumpers only. Our large heated tent is a great place for your friends and family to stay warm!

Can my child jump with me?
Children 10 years of age or older, in good health, with a parent or guardian present, are able to register and participate in the plunge.

Will my designated organization receive 100% of the donated amount?
All donations received will be remitted to the designated organization. Please note Race Roster does charge processing/service fees. Please reach out to SCAUW staff with questions.

How can I participate if I can’t be there that day?
You can participate in our virtual plunge, or make a donation to a team.

Can I bring alcohol to the event?
It is against the Shiver Plunge rules (see below) to consume alcohol prior to jumping. Alcohol is available for purchase for spectators and for plungers after the jump.

If the event is canceled, what happens to the funds raised and registration fees?
If the event is canceled due to weather or poor ice conditions, all donations will be designated to the organizations. There are no refunds or make up dates.

Why is a tee shirt not included with registration this year?
Based on prior years feedback, it was decided to swap out a finisher’s medal for the tee shirt this year.


Sherburne County Area United Way (SCAUW) is hosting a Shiver Plunge fundraising event. Persons jumping in the lake are “Plungers”. Pledges are to be collected by the Plunger for a non-profit organization. Non-profit organizations include 501(c)3, church groups, and some city purposes. Tax deductibility should be discussed with your tax advisor. Plunger registration is a tiered rate based on registration date, $45-55 per person. Teams are encouraged.

Our first concern is your safety. These are things you should know in preparation for your plunge into Big Lake:

1. Arrive at Lakeside Park no later than 1:00 p.m.

2. When you arrive at the lake, register with your TEAM. This helps us line up teams to plunge and causes less chaos for everyone.

3. Carpool. Start your team experience by carpooling together. There is very limited parking available.

4. Be sure to bring all your pledges with you (if you did not send them in advance)! No credit will be given for uncollected pledges.

5. Wear your Plunge costume under the clothes you wear to the event. This way, you don’t have to worry about changing and can stay warm longer! Keep your clothes on until it is your turn.

6. All Plungers must wear shoes. Old shoes, flip flops, aquatic shoes, will work great. You’ll walk out on the ice and wait a moment for others to jump, so please wear a pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting wet – they are going into the water with you.

7. Bring along warm clothes and a pair of dry shoes that are easy to put on to wear after you Plunge. The last thing you want to deal with when you’re cold and wet are clumsy zippers and buttons!

8. Bring at least one towel or a blanket to wrap around you to dry off and warm up.

9. Do not drink alcohol prior to this event – is accelerates hypothermia and could disqualify you.

10. Use the heated changing areas to change out of your wet clothes, but be quick – there will be other plungers right behind you. No hairdryers are allowed – electricity is not available.

12. After changing into dry clothes, join the crowd and watch the rest of the plunge. Then stay for the BBQ contest and after party as well as other activities on shore.

13. Plungers must be at least 10 years old and in good health. Plungers under age 16 must be accompanied by parent or guardian on-site the day of the event. Those under 18 must have a Parent or Guardian signature on the waiver.

14. All pledges are to be collected and presented to SCAUW at or before February 10, 2024, the date of the event.

15. Monies raised for non-profits will be distributed to the non-profit organization designated by the plunger on this form regardless of the plunger actually taking the plunge.

16. All checks for pledged funds must be made payable to SCAUW. SCAUW will distribute each organization’s share of funds back to each organization after the event. No credit will be given for uncollected pledges.

17. Appropriate costumes and theme plunges are highly recommended. This is intended to be a fun family/community event. SCAUW may deny any Plunger with inappropriate costume from participating.  SCAUW’s decision is final. Pledges raised, however, will still be distributed.

18. Plungers must NOT consume alcohol or drugs on the day of the event, prior to plunging. Any Plunger suspected of disobeying this rule will be excluded from plunging. Pledges received, however, will still be distributed.

19. Plungers must be in good health to participate. It is the responsibility of each Plunger to consult his or her doctor to determine the condition of his or her health. PLUNGERS PLUNGE AT THEIR OWN RISK. Each Plunger must sign the Registration Agreement as well as the Release and Waiver of Liability in order to plunge. Registration fee must be paid to jump. NO EXCEPTIONS.

20. All Plungers must exit the water immediately after entry. Plungers MUST obey all instructions of the emergency diver and medical personnel on site.

21. Plungers must register no later than 1:30 p.m on the day of the plunge.

22. Photographs/videos of the event will/may be taken. Plungers consent to use of photos/videos without compensation.

23. No blankets or towels will be provided by SCAUW. Plungers are responsible to bring their own blankets or towels. Any personal property left at the site after the event will be disposed of.

24. There is no alternate date. If the Shiver Plunge is canceled due to weather, pledges received will be retained and distributed as described above. There are no refunds of pledges. 

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